Senior Project

This capstone requirement can be met in one of two ways:

1. For one semester during their senior year, the student chooses a 400-level seminar from our department offerings and writes a senior research paper under the advisorship of the faculty instructor.

2. For the duration of their senior year, qualified students can elect to write a senior thesis. To complete the thesis, the student elects RELI 400 "Senior Thesis” in Fall semester and RELI 401 in Spring semester and works with a Religion faculty supervisor for the year. Students must have a minimum 3.3 GPA in Religion courses prior to enrolling in RELI 400, a Religion faculty supervisor, and the permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
To be considered for honors, the student submits the thesis to the department for consideration to receive Distinction in Research and Creative Works University Award. For details about the submission process and this honors award, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Further details about the Senior Project are available upon consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.