Become a Department Sponsor

The work of our department, from its teaching mission to its published research, explores vital questions of religion, human diversity, and meaning in our complex world. Our aim as an intellectual community is unified as we seek to help individuals and communities overcome religious intolerance by learning about other religions and viewpoints, challenging religious stereotypes and addressing fears that can lead to hostility and violence.

We equip undergraduate and graduate students with insight, reason and compassion, hoping that, as they go into their own communities, they will pay it forward and positively impact the way we live together.

The vision of our students and faculty is imaginative and bold. But we need financial support to make it real.


What are our immediate needs?

Become an Undergraduate Partner $100
Please consider supporting the future of the study of religion at Rice as we seek to provide undergraduate students with new academic and experiential learning opportunities, including research internships in the Houston community and abroad.

Become a Graduate Partner $200
We also need to increase our support for graduate students so that they have more opportunities to share their knowledge globally.

Become a Faculty Partner $500
We ask too for help in supporting the research of our faculty, especially their travel to archives and conferences, and their increasing need for subventions for publications and exhibitions.

Become a Scholar Partner $1000
With financial support, we would be able to bring to campus more guest scholars and to organize more conferences on Rice’s beautiful campus, so that we can share knowledge more directly with the Houston community.