Religious Studies Review

Religious Studies Review (RSR) is a quarterly review of publications across the entire field of religion and related disciplines. RSR is the only publication that provides major review essays and short reviews for over 1,000 titles in religion annually. The editorial staff is composed of professors from all over the world.

About RSR

Editorial Staff

Mark MacWilliams, Executive Editor - Major Reviews
St. Lawrence University
Spencer Dew, Short Reviews Editor
The Ohio State University
Anthony B. Pinn, Managing Editor
Rice University
Holly Walrath, RSR Coordinator
Rice University

Area Editors (by section)

Comparative Studies/Methodology and Theory
Brian Collins, Ohio University

Psychology of Religion
William Parsons, Rice University

Gender and Sexuality Studies
Danielle Dempsey, University of California, Riverside
Jessica Rehman, University of California, Riverside
Kimberly Diaz, University of California, Riverside

Religion and Science
Lisa Stenmark, San Jose State University

Christopher Stephenson, Lee University
Nancy Bedford, Georgia Harkness Professor of Theology, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
Matthew Friedman, Subeditor, Missiology, Mission and Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary
Daniel Castelo, William Kellon Quick Professor of Theology and Methodist Studies, Duke University

Philosophy of Religion
Charles Taliaferro, St. Olaf College
Alexander Cavender, St. Olaf College

James P. Bailey, Duquesne University

Religion and Law
Jeffrey Wheatley, Iowa State University

Ken Derry, University of Toronto

Digital Materials and Media
Alessandra Vitullo, Sapienza University of Rome

Religion, Arts and Culture
Kristen Tobey, John Carroll University

Ancient Near East
Tyler Mayfield, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Greece, Rome, Greco-Roman Period
Jenny Strauss Clay, University of Virginia

Christian Origins
John Goodrich, Moody Bible Institute
Patrick Gray, Rhodes College
Stan Harstine, Subeditor, Johannine Literature, Friends University
James Prothro, Subeditor, Augustine Institute

Daniel M. Gurtner, Subeditor, Gospel of Matthew, St. Mary's University, Twickenham

History of Christianity: Early
Ben C. Blackwell, Vice Principal and Professor of Early Christianity WTC Theology
Laura Dingeldein, University of Illinois at Chicago

History of Christianity: Modern/Global
Nathanael Homewood, Harvard University

Jewish Thought
Seeking Editor

Judaism: Hellenistic through Late Antiquity
Jason Maston, Houston Christian University

Judaism: Medieval/Early Modern Jewish Studies
Deborah Kaye, University of Arizona

Judaism: Modern
Jonathan Zisook, University of Pittsburgh

Hamed Fayazi, University of Religions and Denominations
Junaid Quadri, University of Illinois at Chicago
Walaa Quisay, Graduate of Oxford University

Seeking Editor

Seeking Editor

The Americas
Daniel Jones, Missouri State University
Nicholas Higgins, North Greenville University

New and Alternative Religious Movements
Lukas Pokorny, University of Vienna

South Asia
Steven E. Linquist, Southern Methodist University, Associate Professor and Director of Asian Studies
Gardner Harris, Hampden-Sydney College

East Asia
Lukas Pokorny, University of Vienna

Justin McDaniel, University of Pennsylvania
Matthew Steven Mitchell, High Point University

Inner Asia
Rory Lindsay, University of California, Santa Barbara

Political Theology
Nicholas Higgins, North Greenville University

Get Involved

General inquiries about the journal can be made by contacting us at If you are interested in writing reviews for RSR, we encourage you to contact the area editor(s) of the sections in which you are interested. Please include a CV and possible titles you are interested in reviewing (see our list of books available for review). Please note, we prefer to review titles published in the last three years.

We accept books related to religion in our areas of focus for review. Please send all books for review to the RSR Editorial Office:
Religious Studies Review - MS 156
Rice University
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892
(713) 348-5721

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Religious Studies Review - MS 156
Rice University
PO Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892


Religious Studies Review - MS 156
Rice University
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