In the Department of Religion courses are designated D1 that are broad-based, accessible to non-majors, and provide a foundation that enables students to integrate knowledge from multiple perspectives.  Courses that are excluded from D1 include language courses, RELI 238 (Special Topics), 400-level courses, and independent study courses.  D1 designations are reserved for 100-, 200-, and 300-level courses. D1 designations are discouraged for any undergraduate course that has a graduate equivalent course.  If an undergraduate course has a graduate equivalent course, it may still be designated D1, but only if the courses are taught separately, or if the courses meet jointly, they must be differentiated sufficiently between the undergraduate and graduate populations in terms of delivery of content, requirements, and evaluation, so that the undergraduate course remains broad-based and accessible to non-majors, while the graduate course is delivered at a level expected of graduate education.  Faculty have discretion to apply for D1 designation within these parameters.

(effective Fall 2019)