Degree Requirements

For general university requirements, see Graduation Requirements. In addition, students also must satisfy the distribution requirements and complete no fewer than 60 semester hours outside the departmental requirements for a program totaling at least 120 semester hours. See Distribution Requirements (on Graduation Requirements page) and Majors.

Students majoring or double-majoring in religious studies must complete:

  • 30 hours for majors
  • 24 hours for double majors
  • 18 hours must be selected at 300-level or above
  • No more than two courses (six hours) may be transferred from outside the department

The 30 hours for majors or 24 hours for double majors must include the following requirements:

  • RELI 101: Introduction to Religion
  • 2 courses in religious traditions
    • 1 course- Judaism/Christianity/Islam/African-American Religions
    • 1 course- Indigenous African Religions/American Religions/Buddhism/Hinduism
  • Senior Project- 1 400-level course, either seminar or independent study with required research paper

In order to ensure breadth and depth in the major, election of courses should be worked out programmatically with a faculty member advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies so that at least 3 courses form a concentrated area of study.

Honors Program

Qualified undergraduates may choose the option of writing a senior thesis and submitting it to the department for consideration to receive Distinction in Research and Creative Works. For details about the submission process and this honors award, visit the department's website. To complete the thesis, the student elects RELI 400 "Senior Thesis." Students must have a minimum 3.2 GPA in Religion courses prior to enrolling in RELI 400, a Religion faculty supervisor, and the permission of the Undergraduate Director. Further details are available upon consultation with the Undergraduate Director.