The Saba Prize is the most prestigious award bestowed by the Department of Religion. It is voted on by the entire Department of Religion faculty, carries with it a substantial financial gift of $1,500, and designates the graduating senior(s) and religious studies major(s) who has demonstrated the highest form of academic excellence and contribution to the department over a four-year period.

Elias Hansen, 2024
Zahrah Butler, 2023
Suzanne Harms, 2023
Munevver Duran, 2022
Martin Berg, 2021
Mariana Najera, 2021
Elizabeth Weeks, 2020
Isaac Carroo, 2019
Christopher Brehm, 2018
Isaac Schultz, 2018
Sparrow Gates, 2017
Zoe Tao, 2017
Emily Higgs, 2016
Allen Simon, 2016
Sarah Long, 2015
Courtney Applewhite, 2014
Matthew Vale, 2014
Anne Parker, 2013
Ross Tieken, 2012
Taylor Hall, 2012
Robin Richards, 2011
Arthi Styanarayan, 2011
Stuart Nelson, 2011
Alex Schwent, 2011
Matthew Schumann, 2010