Rice’s Religion PhD program is ranked among the top 10 programs* in the USA in the discipline of Religious Studies, as a reflection of the faculty’s strong publication activity. The Ph.D. program is ranked as one of the top three graduate schools in the US in Religion, alongside Duke and Emory (Learn.org, 2016). In the last five years, our graduate students have been placed as tenure-track assistant professors at schools such as Middlebury College, Wake Forest University, Indiana University-Purdue, Texas Wesleyan University, University of Michigan at Dearborn, Louisiana State University, and University of Central Florida. Our undergraduates are prepared to go on in the study of religion and adjunct fields at the Master and Ph.D. levels. The major also provides the intellectual foundation valued in the fields of medicine, law, journalism, politics, public policy and teaching.

*Based on Academic Analytics Scholarly Productivity Index as of June 2016, release AAD2015.