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Professor, Department of Religion





Ph.D. in Religious Studies, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1981

M.A. in Indian Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison, l971

B.A. Cum Laude with Highest Honors in English, State University of New York at Binghamton (Harpur College)  l969

LANGUAGES: Classical & Colloquial Tibetan, Sanskrit, Pali, and French


Forthcoming Book: Fall 2010 Chinese translation by Lawrence Y.K.Lau of my first book, Knowledge & Liberation (including new Preface by the author) Dharma Drum Mountain, Taipei. Taiwan.

2010 Heart Essence, the Vast Expanse: A Story of Transmission Ithaca:Snow Lion.  This first-ever Chantable English translation (in which the English meter matches the Tibetan so that it can be sung to the traditional Tibetan melody) can is accompanied by 95 images used in meditation, as well as of rarely photographed places, persons  and objects sacred to this, the most widely loved and utilized practice liturgy in the Nyingma (Ancient Buddhist) tradition. A back pocket holds a CD  which I conceived, organized, and produced (recorded at the Shepherd School of Music, it consists of the text chanted in original Tibetan by an acclaimed Tibetan female teacher and singer, and the English by a local Buddhist practice group, as well as by a trained vocalist, Willem Overwijk)

2009 Knowledge and Liberation translated into Russian and published in Russia. (Book available in my office, I cannot give the information in Russian). 2009. Knowledge and Liberation translation into Chinese accepted, in Press at Dharma Drum Mountain. , Taipei, Taiwan2009. Meeting the Great Bliss Queen republished by Snow Lion.

2006 with Gehse Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Unbounded Wholeness: Dzogchen, Bon, and the Logic of the Non-Conceptual. Oxford University Press.

1999 2nd edition Knowledge and Liberation: Tibetan Buddhist Epistemology in Support of Transformative  Religious Experience  (Ithaca: Snow Lion Press); Russian translation published in Russia, 2009.  1995 Meeting the Great Bliss Queen: Buddhists, Feminists, and the Art of the Self  (Boston: Beacon Press)1994 Path to the Middle: Oral Madhyamika Philosophy in Tibet, The Spoken Scholarship of Kensur Yeshey Tupden  (Albany: SUNY Press, SUNY Series in Buddhist Studies) 1991 Knowing, Naming, and Negation: A Sourcebook on Tibetan Sautr›ntika.  (Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Translation Series) Ithaca: Snow Lion Publications.1987 1st  edition  Knowledge and Liberation  (Ithaca: Snow Lion Press). BOOK IN PROGRESSThe Knowing Body: (chief architect and co-writer with Kathryn Milun and Phyllis Pay)  An exploration of the mind-body paradigm through the lens of Buddhist traditional religious, medical, and contemporary cultural perspectives. Under auspices of Ford Foundation Grant.  Proposal accepted by an agent who is in process of contacting publishers..


1992 Co-editor, Walking Through Walls by Geshe Gedun Lodrö, tr. by Jeffrey Hopkins, co-editor Leah Zahler.  Ithaca: Snow Lion. l984  Editor, The Tantric Distinction, by Jeffrey Hopkins.  London: Wisdom Publications.1982 Co-editor, with Jeffrey Hopkins, tr., Tantric Practice in Nyingma, by Khetsun Sangpo. London: Rider & Co. (Reprinted by Snow Lion, l986)1980 Associate editor, "Theory: Systems of Tenets" in Practice and Theory in Tibetan Buddhism , tr. Geshe Lhundup Sopa and Jeffrey Hopkins.  London: Rider and Co., Foreign language editions in German, Spanish, and Italian; Revised English edition 1989, Snow Lion Publications.l980 Assistant editor, Compassion in Tibetan Buddhism  by Khensur Ngawang Lekden and Tsong-ka-ba, tr. and ed. Jeffrey Hopkins. London:  Rider & Co; Reprinted by Snow Lion Publications, 1988.1975 Assistant editor, The Precious Garland and the Song of the Four Mindfulnesses by Nagarjuna and the Seventh Dalai Lama, tr. and ed. Jeffrey Hopkins and Lati Rinbochay. London: Allen & Unwin, New York: Harper & Row.  Foreign language editions in French, Spanish, and Italian. 1975 Assistant editor, The Buddhism of Tibet and the Key to the Middle Way  by Tenzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, tr. in the main by Jeffrey Hopkins and Lati Rinbochay.  London: Allen & Unwin; New York: Harper & Row. ARTICLES

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“Love, Dirt, and Attention”  Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly, Spring/Summer 2012

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2010 “What’s at Stake in Contemplative Science” opening, closing and presiding at panel, AAR National Meeting, Atlanta October 30

2010  “Contemplative Studies: Problems and Prospect” Panelist, AAR National Meeting, Atlanta, October 29

2010  “Tibetan Buddhism in the Modern Academy” Panelist, International Conference on Tibetan Buddhism, Emory University, Atlanta,  Oct 19, 2010.

2010. “”The Past and Future of Women in Buddhism”, First International Conference on Mongolian Buddhism, Ganden Monastic University, Ulaan Baator, Mongolia, Sept, 26-27. 2010. “Ways of Knowing: Contemplation, Culture, and Community in Tibet”, Age of the Pacific Lecture Series, Master of International Management Program, Portland State University, Portland OR. 2010.”Open Heart, Open Mind” Lecture at Maitripa College, Portland Oregon. Feb 5. 2009. Respondent “On Translation: Secrecy, Orality, and Communication” AAR, Montreal. Nov 8. 2009. Panelist in conversation with HH Dalai Lama,  Mind and Life XIX Educating World Citizens for the 21st Century. October 8-9 DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C. http://www.educatingworldcitizens.org/  2009. Participant to Translating the Words of the Buddha, conference on translation by invitation only, organized by the Khyenze Foundation, Bir India March16-21 http://www.siddharthasintent.org/2009/03/volume-11-translating-the-words-of-the-buddha.html 2009. Plenary Speaker, Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, “Three Vectors of Development in Buddhist Contemplative Practice: Separate of Simultaneous Motivation, Understanding, and Calming,” Garrison, New York, June 7-13.  2009. Ashby Dialogue Featured Speaker, “Wholeness and the Mind; Buddhist Epistemology and Contemplative Arts” University of North Carolina at Greensboro, April 282008. Invited Faculty, presenter on Buddhist contemplative typologies, panelist for discussions of contemplative neuroscience with Buddhist epistemologies, Mind and Life Summer Institute, Garrison, New York, June 6-12. 2008. Mary Interlandi Workshop Brown University, Center for Contemplative Studies "Mind, Sound, and the Nine Paths of Practice" – A Tibetan Buddhist Meditation.  April 27. 2008 Fourth Annual Mary Interlandi Lecture, "Contemplative Tibet: Land, Lamas, and Cultural Survival" April 28 Brown University2007. Contemplative Studies: Vision in the Academy convener-chair and panelist, joint meeting of Buddhist Critical Constructive Reflection Group and Section on the Academic Study of Religion s AAR, San Diego, November 21 2007. “Land and the Living Elements in Tibet” Rubin Museum of Art, Oct 15. 2007. Plenary Panelist, “The Problem of Self and Other: Self-Conscious Emotions, Gender, Self and No Self in Buddhism and Psychoanalysis”, Enlightening Relationships: Buddhism and Psychoanalysis Conference at the New School for Social Research, New York, Oct. 132007. “Women and Wisdom: Social, Symbolic and Contemplative Dimensions” Maitripa Institute, Portland Oregon, Sept. 14 2007. Tibetan Trainings in Compassion, Buddhist Lodge of the Laity, Hong Kong. May 26.  2007. Buddhism and the Modern World, Buddhist Studies Cenre, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, May 252007. Panelist/Session Convener, “Whither Buddhist Studies” Numata Conference at the University of Toronto, April 6-7.

2006.  “Reality as Womb: Three Realms of the Feminine Divine” paper at Conference on the Feminine Divine, Northwestern University, Chicago, Nov 27-29.

2006. Panelist in Mind and Reality Conference, Columbia University. Feb 25.

2006. “The Heart Sutra and the Heart of Meditative Practice” at Buddhist Lodge of the Laity, Hong Kong Jewelry Building, Hong Kong, February 14. 2005. Panelist, “Symposium on Suffering, Desire, and Choice: His Holiness the Dalai Lama in conversation with neuroscientists and Buddhists Studies scholars, Stanford Medical School, November 5th, Palo Alto, Ca. 2005 “Knowing Body, Glowing Mind: Buddhism and Multidimensional Seeing” at  Conference on Exploring the Mind: Buddhist and Scientific Approaches to Mental Health and Healing, University of Toronto, May 27-292005.  “Tibetan Practices of Mind and Body” at Mindfulness, Psychology, and Neurobiology” Conference at Mount Madonna Center, Santa Cruz California, June 3-62005. Ford Foundation, Progressive Religion and Values Working Group, invited participant. First Meeting, Jan 19, New York City. 2004. “Psychology and Transcendence” Between Cultures: Buddhism and Psychotherapy in the 21st Century” sponsored by Ryukoku and Boston Universities, held at Boston University September 10-11. 2004. “Perceiving  Reality: Perspectives from Sutra and Tantra: at Buddhist Studies Centre, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong. July 3. 2004. Keynote Speaker, “Practice as Path to Cross-Cultural Religious Understanding” Sakyadhita, International Conference of Buddhist Women, Seoul, Korea, June 26-July1. 2003. “Buddhism and Forgiveness: Does Wisdom Conquer All?” at Forgiveness: The Search for Acceptance in Psychotherapy and Faith, Baylor College of Medicine and the Institute of Religion in the Texas Medical Center, Nov. 13.

2003. Plenary Speaker, “The Land Remembers:  Living Landscape and Soulful Spirits of the Tibetan Plateau” in Orality and Literacy II: Memory international conference at Rice University, Oct. 11


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Women, Religion, and Public Policy, Kennedy School of Public Policy and Harvard Divinity School, October, 1. 1998 "Rise of Bon Epistemology" Dept. of Religious Studies/Center for Asian Studies, Stanford University, May 7. 1998 Keynote Address "Ritual Art and the Art of Ritual" for Buddhist Christian Dialogue: Promises and Pitfalls Conference, University of San Francisco. May 81998 Plenary Speaker, "Women, Buddhism, and the 20th Century" Unity and Diversity Conference Claremont Colleges, Claremont, CA June 7. 1998. "Text and Context: The Authenticity of Innate Awareness"  8th seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Bloomington, Indiana (July 27)1997 "Presencia con una Diferencia: la subjectividad segun budistas y feministas' in Mora, Revista del Area Interdiscipoineria de Estudios de la Mujer.  Facultad de Filosofia y Letras de Buenos Aires No. 3 Augusto. (Translation of my "Presence with a Difference," Hypatia, 1994) pp.  139-147.

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