Rice University Department of Religion

RSR Editorial Staff

 Executive Editor/Review Essay Editor - Mark MacWilliams

 Short Review Editor - Jeremy Biles

 Managing Editor - Elias Bongmba  

Coordinator - Maya Reine

RSR Sections/Area Editors

Comparative Studies

 Jeffrey J. Kripal, Rice University

Methodology and Theory

 Brian Collins, Ohio University 

Psychology of Religion

William Parsons, Rice University

Sociology and Anthropology of Religion

Sarah King, University of Central Florida

 Margarita Simon Guillory, University of Rochester

Gender & Sexuality Studies

Charlotte Radler, Loyola Marymount University

Religion and Science

Lisa Stenmark, San Jose State University


James H. Evans, Colgate Rochester Divinity School

Philosophy of Religion

Charles Taliaferro, Vanderbilt Divinity School


Darlene Fozard Weaver,  Duquesne University   

Digital Materials and Media

Rachel Wagner, Ithaca University

Religion, Arts, and Culture

Marc DiPaolo, Oklahoma City University

Katherine Downey, American Academy or Religion

Religion in Culture

Jeremy BilesThe School of the Art Institute of Chicago  

Ancient Near East

Tyler Mayfield, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Greece, Rome, Greco Roman Period

Jenny Strauss Clay, University of Virginia

Christian Origins

Richard Ascough, Queen's Theological College 

Patrick Gray, Rhodes College

 History of Christianity (Early)

Joseph Wawrykow, University of Notre Dame

History of Christianity (Modern/Global)

Kristin Bloomer, Carleton College

Jewish Thought

Claire Sufrin, Northwestern University

Judaism (Hellenistic through Late Antiquity)

Loren Spielman, Portland State University

Judaism (Medieval/Early Modern Jewish Studies) 

Flora Cassen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 Judaism (Modern)

 Claire Sufrin, Northwestern University


 Whitney Bodman, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

  Maha Marouan, Pennsylvania State University


Dianna Bell, Vanderbilt University

Elias Bongmba, Rice University


Geoff Troughton, Victoria University of Wellington

The Americas: Central & South America

Mary Ann Clark, Yavapai College

The Americas: Canada

Iain Maclean, James Madison University

The Americas: USA

Damon Berry, St. Lawrence University

  Iain Maclean, James Madison University

South Asia

Steven Lindquist, Southern Methodist University

East Asia

Lukas Pokorny, University of Aberdeen


Ann Gleig, University of Southern Florida

David Gray, Santa Clara University

Justin McDaniel, University of California, Riverside

Inner Asia

Matthew King, University of California, Riverside


Needs Editor 

Religion and Law

Richard Amesbury, Universität Zürich                                                                                             

Editorial Advisory Committee

Ellen Armour, Vanderbilt University

Richard DeMaris, Valparaiso University

Andrew Fort, Texas Christian University

David Gray, Santa Clara University

Rosalind Hackett, University of Tennessee

Ana Maria Pineda, Santa Clara University  

Sumner Twiss, Florida State University