Rice University Department of Religion


Students majoring in religion are required to complete 30 semester hours (10 courses); students double majoring in religion are required to complete 24 semester hours (8 courses). For majors, 24 hours (8 courses) must be on the advanced level (300 or 400 level); for double majors 18 hours (6 courses) must be on the advanced level.

In order to ensure breadth and depth to the major, students are encouraged to work out a program of study with the undergraduate advisor. The eight courses are to be selected according to the following requirements:

Reli 101 (Introduction to Religion) to be taken in the first or second year.
2 introductory courses in religious traditions (1 Western, 1 non-Western).

Students who wish to pursue a course of study more directly oriented toward their intellectual and personal interests are referred to the existence of the area major. See Other Options for Undergraduate Majors in the catalog. As a rule area majors in religion will be required to write a thesis.

In addition, students must also satisfy the distribution requirements and complete no fewer than 60 semester hours outside the departmental requirements for a program totaling at least 120 semester hours. See Degree Requirements and Majors in the catalog.

Undergraduate Student Learning Objectives

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