Rice University Department of Religion
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 Office: 207 Humanities Building

 Phone: (713) 348-2231

 Email: cfanger@rice.edu 


Associate Professor of Religion


PhD (1994) University of Toronto. 

Areas of Teaching: medieval Christian thought, devotional literature, saints’ lives, history of magic, modern occultism, esotericism

Areas of Research: John of Morigny, the intellectual history of magic, medieval cosmology and epistemology, dreams and visions, occult traditions early and late, representations of human       modes of access to the divine.  

Claire Fanger has written on the history of magic and devotion in medieval Christianity, and on the nineteenth-century occult revival. She is noted as the editor of the essay collection Conjuring Spirits and its sequel, Invoking Angels, as well as for her work with Nicholas Watson on the edition and commentary of the Flowers of Heavenly Teaching, a work including prayers, visions, and autobiographical materials by fourteenth-century Benedictine John of Morigny. With Richard Kieckhefer, she is general editor of the Magic in History Series from Penn State University Press, and the journal Magic, Ritual & Witchcraft from the University of Pennsylvania Press. 

Course Offerings: 

RELI/FSEM 100 Romancing Religion: Narratives of the Grail
RELI 105/MDST 105 Introduction to Medieval Christian Thought
FSEM/RELI 171The Body and the Cosmos in the Middle Ages 
RELI 271/MDST 271 Medieval Popular Christianity
RELI/MDST 305 and RELI 566  Pain, Ecstasy and Embodiment in Religious Experience
RELI/MDST/SWGS 314  Divine Sex: Gender and Divinity in the Middle Ages
RELI 317/ 541 Creating Magic: Key Writings on Magic and Religion
RELI 367/RELI 557 Representing the Devil in Christian Theology and Art
RELI 386/MDST 386 Medieval and Renaissance Magic and Magicians
RELI 555/ANTH 550 Historical Anthropologies of Religion (with J. D. Faubion, Anthropology)
RELI 387/587 Western Esotericism: Method and Theory  

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