Rice University Department of Religion


Professions for Religion Majors


A major in religion prepares students for a variety of professions since it trains people in critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, evaluation, argumentation, research skills, communication, historical dynamics, language acquisition, integration of knowledge from multiple perspectives, global culture, diversity, difference, community and civic life, and the impact of science on the way we understand our world today.  Religion at Rice engages the biggest questions that we have as humans - the meaning of life and death, humanity and divinity, good and evil, self and community, the sacred and the profane - and helps students explore multiple answers from a range of critical perspectives.  

Beyond continuing the study of religion in graduate school, our majors go on to have successful careers in:


  • Medicine and Health
  • Law
  • Business
  • Public Health
  • Public Affairs
  • Public Service
  • Journalism
  • Government Intelligence
  • Education
  • Counseling
  • Religious Leadership
  • Publishing
  • Editing
  • Administration in institutions for higher education
  • Library and Information Technology