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April D. DeConick

By way of introduction

April DeConick

I first became interested in marginalized and disenfranchised religious expressions when I came across the Gospel of Thomas as an undergraduate.  I remember reading the sayings of Jesus there and being struck by a spirituality that seemed at once ancient and modern.  I wondered why an early Christian book with such a beautiful form of spirituality never made it into the New Testament.  This question compelled me to take up Biblical Studies as my major, and inspired me to write my PhD thesis on the subject of mysticism in the Gospel of Thomas.

Over the years, I have continued to strive to flesh out mystical and esoteric currents within early Christianity.  I have tried to give the hidden and concealed a physical form, so that we might come to know more concretely what is at the invisible margins of a religion we think we know so well.  So I have studied what some call "alternative" expressions of Christianity, expressions that were not the historical survivors.  I have also studied the marginalized people within early Christianity, particularly women who suffer greatly because of holy misogyny, sexism that has been legitimized through divine writ. 

It wasn't until I became involved with the Gospel of Judas, however, that I realized the importance that transgression plays in so many of these movements on the margins.  So important is transgression that I think it is the heart of all things Gnostic.

Unlike many scholars who also study Gnosticism in antiquity, I argue that it actually existed and continues to exist today.  It is not a religion, although it fostered many religious movements.  Nor it is a rhetorical construct of the apostolic-catholic church leaders that we have reified.   Rather it is a real form of spirituality that emerged in the early first century CE and revolutionized religion.  We are still feeling the effects of this revolution today.  This forms the thesis of the book that I am writing currently: The Ancient New Age: How Gnostic Spirituality Revolutionized Religion.


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